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Helpful Tips

Here at Best Appliance Service, Inc., we have been providing quality service in the appliance industry for many years. From our years of experience, we have accumulated a wealth of service knowledge and have put together a short list of tips to help you maintain all your appliances in the proper working condition. If you do need service on any appliance, please make sure to call Best Appliance Service, Inc. first.

Washing Machines


To make sure you are using each appliance correctly, always check the power requirements of the appliance.


Some dishwashers are equipped with an air gap to prevent wastewater from backing up into the washer. Because it collects bits of waste, the air gap must be cleaned regularly (remove the cap and cover and use a wire).

Kitchen Range

If your electric range or the electrical parts of your gas range don't work, first check the fuse or circuit breaker.

Clothes Washer

Be sure to not overload the clothes washer. Carefully follow the recommended load sizing chart that's found on most clothes washers.

Clothes Dryer

Many local codes call for vented dryers to be vented to the outdoors – never into a crawlspace, wall, ceiling chimney, etc. Make sure that your clothes dryer has the proper venting and that the lint collector is cleaned out often.

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